5 Reasons You Should Need A Portable Power Station

5 Reasons You Should Need A Portable Power Station

Huarigor portable power station manufacturer shows the outdoor power station which is a generator powered by rechargeable batteries. It is equipped with an AC socket, DC garage and USB charging port, so that all devices can be charged, such as smartphones, laptops, fans, coffee makers, etc.

But some are confused why not buy a gas electric generator? So let me tell some differences between portable power station and generator. A gas generator is essentially a portable solar device that houses critical solar modules in a convenient system. Solar power stations include batteries, charging controllers and inverters. The generator captures energy from the sun through solar panels and stores it in high-capacity batteries.

  1. Reliable

In winter, you can't use solar generators indoors. Because the air is not easy to evacuate when used indoors, and generators are prone to leaking carbon monoxide, people use them to create toxic fumes and risk potentially fatal accidents. While power stations can be silent and gas-free at the push of a button, which makes them easier to use. Because they can be safely operated indoors, they are ideally suited as a home backup solution.

  1. Convenient

Compared to bulky generator, the portable power station is lightweight, which is very handy for remote power outages or campsites because they are light and easy to move around. So when you’re at home, it can easily deal with power outage problem. If you want to go outside for camping, traveling, then it will be easy to carry and charge your devices. While generator is to heavy to take outside, and if there is no gas station, then the generation can’t work.

  1. Sustainable

The generation can output the power because of the gas supply, but this can generate dangerous smell, which is unfriendly to the environment. While the portable power station get the power by storing electricity. These electricity can come from mains supply and solar panel. So it is a green and renewable energy for you to choose.

  1. Cost-efficient

Since the generator need to use fuel, it will cost a lot in this part. While the portable power station can get power from different ways, so it saves a lot.  

  1. No maintenance cost

As we can see, when we buy machine, what we mainly concerns about is whether the machine ensures maintenance. Because no one want to pay another cost-- maintenance cost. If you use the portable power station, . it owns a BMS system. The system will monitor the health of each individual battery and battery pack, thereby protecting the safety level and system of the battery and improving battery life. So problems are rarely happen.

After looking these 5 reasons, have you figure out why you should buy a portable power station? Hope this blog make sense. If you are considering get portable power station, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the solar energy storage power system industry, Huarigor has extensive experience in portable power station and solar panels and continues to innovate itself to help customers achieve their goals. It provides integrated solutions for customers to create and transform scenarios.

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