Does Community Solar Energy Worth It?

Does Community Solar Energy Worth It?

Recently, solar energy become the most talked-about topic, since the price of oil, natural gas has soared and the need for energy is quite heat. There is an imbalance between supply and demand, which making large numbers of people urgently call for renewable energy and therefore causing energy crisis in many areas.

However, today many homes and businesses do not have access to solar power because they rent or live in multi-tenant buildings, which cannot install a solar system on the roof, or encounter some other mitigating factor. According to these situations, community solar appears. community solar is a great option for those who are unable to install solar panels on their roofs because they do not own a home, due to shading, roof size or other factors, or for financial/other reasons, and do not have sufficient solar resources or roof conditions to support a rooftop PV system.

What is community solar? Community solar energy belongs to the field of distributed photovoltaic solar power generation. The biggest difference from the traditional distributed solar power generation mode is that it does not generate electricity by installing solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of one household, but by placing a large number of solar panels in an empty place and then providing power to the surrounding community residents. Solar power generation is shared among the residents of the community.

Community solar has two main benefits for participants: Firstly, community solar makes it possible for more people to enjoy the benefits of solar energy; Secondly, participants in the community solar project can save money on their electricity bills every month. Besides, community solar even benefits utilities that carry out projects in their territory. Therefore, going solar especially joining in community is a huge campaign.

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