Huarigor(Kingmolenergy) Launches Solar home Battery Energy Storage System Solutions to Make Off-grid Life When Facing Winter Energy Crisis Europe

Huarigor(Kingmolenergy) Launches Solar home Battery Energy Storage System Solutions to Make Off-grid Life When Facing Winter Energy Crisis Europe


Huarigor(Kingmolenergy), the leading lithium battery manufacturer, launches solar home battery energy storage systems, solutions for the family when facing the winter energy crisis in Europe. The latest energy storage system (ESS) for residential and commercial applications can provide enough electricity storage with more efficiency, safety, and durability. We bring four kinds of battery storage products for you.

  • Firstly, home battery storage 5KWH-30KWH+ for the big family

The 5KWH-10KWH-30KWH solar systems solutions are very popular in Europe and UK family. Home battery storage help to get electricity backup with free wind-solar energy.

It is a 48V wall-mount lithium battery that can be placed indoors or out. It can be installed with new solar panels or added to an existing rooftop solar system. One of the solutions 5KWH energy storage can expand to 30KWH and more via the ways of parallel connection based on the power rate for electric applications.

It has a 5kw solar inverter which is compatible with different manufacturers and 5.5kw solar panels. Battery storage without solar panels is also allowed.

  • Secondly, big power systems 5KWH-100KWH+ for residential and commercial applications

The big power system includes 5KW rack-mounted lithium battery and more battery packs. It can work independently or be installed into a standard cabinet, which is commonly found in microdata centers, home usage, and backup for lithium-ion battery UPS systems.

We designed the 48V system with at least 5KWH power capacity as one battery bank and allowed to expand of the capacity up to 100KWH and more for commercial applications.

It is compatible with solar inverters from different brands. You can add the system to an existing home solar array or install it with a new rooftop solar system. 4U 5U 6U Rackmount battery is allowed. Huarigor manufacturer provides 5KWh 10KWh rack-mounted batteries and more with excellent OEM/ODM service.

  • Thirdly, LiFePO4 Battery Storage 1KWH-3KWH+ for outdoors

They are 12V/24V LiFePO4 Lithium battery storage systems for low power rate demand for small houses. It is highly efficient for areas that suffer from frequent power cuts by storing extra solar energy in the batteries.

It is widely used for Small houses, RV, Camping cars, marines, and Golf carts. They are deep-cycle batteries designed and allow to get electricity back up by solar energy and grid power. It is lead acid replacement solution with long lifespan and lightweight.

  • Fourthly, Portable Power Station 1000W 500W 300W for Emergency/Outdoor

Want to live a comfortable life when you are off-grid or during a power outage? Portable power station manufacturer gives you a sense of security with excellent products. Huarigor portable power station is widely used for smaller electronic devices and appliances, whether fans, smartphones, laptops, or used on the RV, or marine.

“We expect to bring freedom energy in sustainable renewable energy with an off-grid system and help the homeowners reduce energy bills.”Said Jack Xu, the company’s founder, and CEO.
“We hope some areas that suffer from frequent power cuts can get out of darkness and into the light.”

Huarigor(Kingmolenergy) manufacturer is looking for select distributors /agents globally for battery energy storage systems (BESS) with excellent customer service and a desire to make a difference in the world. If you or your company is interested in joining our mission, please contact us ceo(at)huarigor(dot)com, learn more at

About Huarigor(Kingmolenergy)
Huarigor(Kingmolenergy), 15 Years Factory specializing in Lithium batteries, is the leading LiFePO4 battery manufacturer and solar home energy storage system provider in China.
Our mission is to bring clean renewable energy solutions to consumers around the world. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy energy freedom in power outages, emergencies, and outdoors, which can reduce energy bills, gain off-grid living, and adjust peaking saving with solar battery systems.
Learn more about Huarigor(Kingmolenergy) at

Homeowners, distributors, and installers are welcome. Professional OEM/ODM service to meet your demand.

Huarigor all-in-one battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions for home and huge battery storage systems for commercial applications are allowed.

For more information about Huarigor(Kingmolenergy), visit our website at or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, or contact Huarigor(Kingmolenergy) at ceo(at)huarigor(dot)com

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