What's the difference between grid-connected and off-grid Lithium Battery Energy Storage System?

With the development of technology and new energy, we pay more and more attention to solar or tidal energy.  Do you know the difference between grid-connected off-grid Lithium Battery Energy Storage System when using new energy to get electricity?

1. Different systems
    Off-grid solar system, also known as an independent solar power system, is a system that operates independently of the power grid and is mainly composed of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charge and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. Electricity from the solar panels flows directly into a battery and is stored. When needed to power an appliance, the direct current from the battery flows through an inverter and is converted to an alternating current.
    A grid-connected solar system is one in which solar power, home power grids and public power grids are linked together. Solar power generation directly inverts the national grid into the voltage required by the parallel electricity, which is preferentially provided to households. When solar power exceeds the electricity used by household appliances, the excess is fed to the public grid; And when solar power can't meet the needs of household appliances, it is automatically replenished from the grid.
2. The battery
    Off-grid solar systems must be equipped with storage batteries, while grid-connected systems do not have storage devices such as storage batteries,Lithium Battery Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 Lithium Battery)

3. Scope of application
    The off-grid solar system is widely used because it is not restricted by the region, and can be installed and used as long as there is sunlight. Therefore, it is very suitable for remote areas without a power grid, islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding bases, etc., and can also be used as emergency power generation equipment in areas with frequent power outages. The grid-connected system can be exempted from the use of batteries, greatly saving the cost of the system, therefore, if you want to save electricity costs and convenient power supply, choose the grid-connected Lithium Battery Energy Storage System, which is the mainstream way at present or in the future.

Now can you figure out the difference between the off-grid and grid-connected Lithium Battery Energy Storage System? If you want to become a distributor and custom solar system, please contact Huarigor and we can satisfy your demand.

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