What is the future of the UK Energy Price Facing Winter Energy Crisis?

What is the future of the UK Energy Price Facing Winter Energy Crisis?

Energy prices have soared in many countries since last year. In order to promote economic growth, governments have spent around 400 billion on subsidies and support policies! As new sustainable energy, solar battery energy storage system is constantly playing an important role.

So far, much of the focus of the energy crisis has been on how consumers are coping with energy scarcity and soaring energy bills. Despite the public narrative that the UK has a diverse and secure energy supply, a worst-case scenario is still possible: the UK could face a potential shortfall of up to a sixth of peak demand, and there could be gas shortages or power cuts to keep the lights on this winter. In such cases, consumers could face serious consequences, including the possibility of limited gas supplies to industries and power stations, leading to blackouts for businesses and homes.

At the same time, The UK will almost double the cap on household electricity bills in October. As a result, the local rooftop photovoltaic industry is enjoying its strongest sales surge ever. Solar Energy UK announced that more than 3,000 solar panel installations are taking place every week on British homes, which is three times as many as two summers ago. With electricity bills sky-high, installing solar systems has become a cost-efficient investment. Kevin Holland, executive director of renewable energy company Solar Shed, said a typical Solar system could save £1,200 a year on electricity bills at today's prices. Based on a further 80 per cent rise in October and a further 50 per cent rise in January, the savings would be £3,240. If households can't use all the electricity they generate on their roofs, they can sell it to the grid.

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