What is Wind-Solar Battery Energy Storage System?

What is Wind-Solar Battery Energy Storage System?

With the development of the new energy, more and more energy device are designed for people to use: home, commercial use and industrial use. However, every type has its disadvantages, so wind-solar battery energy storage system appears to meet the all-day energy supply needs.

So, What is wind-solar system?

Wind-solar energy system complement is a set of power generation application system, the system is the use of solar cell array, wind generator will be issued to store the electrical energy to the battery bank, when you need electricity, inverter will be stored in the battery bank direct current into alternating current, through the transmission line to the user load. Wind turbines and arrays of solar cells work together to generate electricity. The wind-solar complementary energy system is mainly composed of wind turbine, solar cell array, solar charge controller, storage battery bank, solar inverters, cable and auxiliary parts, etc., which can transmit power to the conventional grid.

What are the system strengths?

  1. Save your electricity bills

Since we all need electricity to help machine work, there are huge needs for electricity. However, electricity prices have soared because of various factors, like politics, climate, government policy and so on. Now new energy can help you save money. Strong winds, clear skies, abundant plant matter, heat from the Earth, and fast-moving water can all provide a huge and constantly replenishing energy supply without any additional expenses. You just need to pay a little money for purchase equipment instead of a constant stream of bills. And the hybrid system is the most cost efficient one in the energy system.


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  1. Strong complementarity

Solar and wind energy are the most common natural resources and inexhaustible renewable energy sources. Wind energy is another form of solar energy on the earth's surface. Because different forms of the earth's surface have different absorption coefficients of solar light, temperature difference is formed on the earth's surface, and different temperatures of the surface air form air convection and generate wind energy. Therefore, solar energy and wind energy are highly complementary in time and region. During the day, when the sun is at its strongest, the wind is very low. At night, when the sun goes down, the light is very weak, but the wind is strengthened because the temperature difference between the earth's surface is large. In summer, the sun is strong and the wind is small, and in winter, the sun is weak and the wind is strong. The complementarity of solar energy and wind energy in time makes the wind-wind complementary power system have the best matching in resources, and the wind-wind complementary power system is the independent power system with the best resource conditions.

How does wind-solar energy work?

As part of a hybrid system, wind and solar energy work in the same way they would normally operate if they were installed independently. You can install solar panels on the roof of your home and wind turbines on nearby land (some smaller wind turbines can be placed on the roof). The number of solar panels you need for your home depends on the size of the roof and how much energy your home consumes each month.

Once the solar panels and wind turbines are installed, they connect directly to the storage battery, which stores the energy from them and supplies power to family, commercial use and industrial use. The battery can be customized according to your purpose to ensure energy supply lasts at least a day or two.


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