Why do you need an inverter in solar power?

Why do you need an inverter in solar power?

As solar energy is becoming more and more popular, many people are asking whether the whole solar battery energy storage system is necessary. Our answer is that it depends. But if you ask me what is a must and cost-effective equipment, them it must be solar inverter.

Why you need a solar inverter? To make your home solar powered. It must pass through an important part of the solar system, the solar panel inverter. For the solar system, inverters are an absolute must. It is responsible for converting the electricity collected by the panels into electricity that can be safely used. If you are using solar panels to get sun power, then solar panel must have solar inverter because their DC output needs to be converted to alternating current. The main reason for this is that most of our household appliances need alternating current to work properly. 

In fact, to use solar energy, the alternating current it produces must have nearly twice the voltage in order to be distributed over long distances with minimal losses. First, batteries used at night, on dim summer days, and on low-sun winter days are charged by DC, which is similarly converted to alternating current for distribution. Second, the high voltage distribution must be lowered in the charging area and then converted to direct current for battery charging.

Solar energy must be converted from DC to AC to increase the distribution voltage. Thus, the inverter completes the conversion. It receives direct current energy from solar cells. Subsequently, the inverter uses various electrical and electronic components to oscillate the DC input at a frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The output of the inverter is a sinusoidal current, called alternating current. When the direct current of the solar cell is converted to alternating current, those appliances can work by using this kind of power.

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