Power Up Your Halloween with Solar Home Battery Energy Storage Solution 5Kwh 10Kwh for Big Family from Huarigor(Kingmolenergy)

Power Up Your Halloween with Solar Home Battery Energy Storage Solution 5Kwh 10Kwh for Big Family from Huarigor(Kingmolenergy)

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you prepared for it? I think you must be excited for Jack-o-lanterns, candy, masquerade parties, evening parades...... Therefore, in order to keep this atmosphere going, we suggest that you apply for the home battery energy storage system solution for your big family, and then when you face with power outage or other emergency, everything will be under control.

Wall mounted lithium battery iron phosphate (LiFePO4 Lithium battery) is a newer type of battery that can hang on the wall for use and gain recognition in the manufacturing industries for its higher power output, faster charging, lighter weight, and longer life. It is majorly used in RVs, golf cart, marine, boats, and off-grid homes,etc. It is very suitable for you to use them in your house, and wall mounted lithium battery advantages are as follows:

  1. Artisan Grade Lithium Battery

Made of high-temperature resistant lithium iron phosphate battery, the material that protects your safety.

  1. 10 Years Life

4000+ cycles for a 10 years life.

  1. 1/3 Lightweight

weighing approximately 24 lbs, wall mounted battery is 30% lighter than a lead-acid battery of the same capacity.

  1. 4XCharging Speed

51.2V equivalent to 4 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries 4S, 75% faster charging than other solar batteries.

There is an example of home energy storage equipment matched with a big family, which is designed for reference. If you need more solutions, we can customize for you.

Home Battery Storage 5KWH-30KWH+ for Big Family

Items 5K+10KWH power storage
Basic System Specification PV Array Power: 5500Wp (Peak Power)
PV Array Size: 23.7M² (Max size)
Daily Solar Power Production: 10KWH
Battery storage capacity: 10KWH
Solar Panel  MONO 550W/44V*10pcs
Solar Inverter 5KVA/5KW with 80A mppt inside*1PCS
Lithium Battery Bank 51.2V/100AH*2set(Optional)
Mounting System Roof Mounting Bracket
Cable and accessories 1* set
Applications For House with lights ,TV ,Computer,USB charger , Fan,Fridge,Air conditioner

Plan for Big Family

If you own this solar energy system, it make it easy for you prepare for Halloween party, Christmas party and other important party. Besides, this system can be a helpful money saver: decrease your power bills and improve your house value. What’s more, it is environmental friendly, which help our plant to reduce its pressure, making your family build awareness of environmental protection.

In the solar energy storage power system industry, Kingmolenergy has extensive experience in lithium batteries, solar inverters and solar panels and continues to innovate itself to help customers achieve their goals. It provides integrated solutions for customers to create and transform scenarios. If you have the need for customizing home battery energy storage system solution, please don’t hesitate to get a free quote .

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