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24V 200AH Power Wall Lithium Iron Battery Pack

24V 200AH Power Wall Lithium Iron Battery Pack

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Normal Battery Voltage(Vdc): 25.6V
Normal Capacity(25°C 0.2C)(Wh): 5120Wh
Voltage Window(Vdc): 22.4-29.2V
Folat Charge Voltage(Vdc): 27.6V
Max. Continue Discharge Current: 150
Max. Pulse discharge current (A): 200A 30sec
Max. continue charge(A): 100
Cycle life:(+25°C 0.2C 80%DOD): >3000cycles(optional for>5000cycles with 5years warranty)
IP degree: IP20
Protection: Overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, shortcircuit protection, overtemperature protection
Storage Temperature: 0°C-30°C
L×W×H(product size)mm: L485×W298×H503
L×W×H(package size)mm: L547×W315×H535
Weight(NW Kg): 76.0Kg
Weight(GW Kg): 78.0Kg

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