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Mono Half-cut PV Module/Solar Panel 550w with Monocrystalline PERC cell

Mono Half-cut PV Module/Solar Panel 550w with Monocrystalline PERC cell

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Main Functions:

  • Module efficiency up to 21.3%
  • Less energy loss caused by shading due to the new cell string
layout and lower cell connection power loss due to half-cel
  • More power Outputin weak light conditions such as cloudy,
 morning and sunset
  • Reliable quality leads to better sustainability even in harsh
  • Lower Operating temperature and temperature coefficient
increases the power 0utput
  • ExcellentAnti-PID performance
e2%more p0wergeneration, lowerLCOE2%more power
generation, lower LCOE


  • Power: 550 w
  • Size: 182 mm * 182 mm
  • Component: Monocrystalline solar panel
  • Outer box size: 2295*1095*1145mm
  • Wooden bracket size: 2295*1095*100mm
  • MOQ: 31pcs

Quality Guaranteed

  • Grade A high concentration lithium battery with advanced technology.
  • Enquire Price match your custom demand
  • Strict control inspection process with the advanced testing technology
  • To provide quality products and after-sales support

One-stop Service

  • Support one-stop solutions of solar energy storage system
  • Custom the solar energy storage system to match your household and others
  • Fast supply chain guarantee system to make sure accurate delivery time
  • Strong R&D team to support that you can trust
  • Get full protection for your order. 100% product quality protection, 100% on-time shipment protection, 100% payment protection

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