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18650 3.2V 8W LiFePo4 Battery Cell High Capacity 3000+ Deep Cycle

18650 3.2V 8W LiFePo4 Battery Cell High Capacity 3000+ Deep Cycle

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Huarigor manufacturer is looking for LifePO4 battery and solar energy system agents/distributors globally.
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  • Safe performance: It has better thermal and structural stability. LiFePO4 is nonflammable. Equipped with BMS system, Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not decompose, collapse, heat up easily, or form strong oxidizing substances when it is at high temperatures or overcharges.
  • High Capacity: LifePO4 Battery Pack has a high capacity when the LiFePO4 batter Cellls connected.
  • High Efficiency: Lithium iron phosphate has fast charging speed and it can reach upto 100% depth of discharge (DOD). When LiFePO4 battery is not working, its self-discharge rate is only 2% per month (compared to 30% for lead-acid batteries).
  • Long life span: Long service time provides steady power without easily breakdown. The life span of LiFePO4 battery is 3000-5000 cycles or more. That makes LiFePO4 more cost-effective.
  • Lightweight: Lifepo4 battery with the same capacity is 2/3 of the volume and 1/3 of the weight of lead-acid battery, which could be easy to carry when going outside for camping.
  • Environmentally friendly: The electrodes are made of non-toxic materials, LiFePO4 is far less harmful to the environment, can be recycled and reused in the electrodes, wires and casing of new lithium batteries.
  • Widely applications: solar & wind power, ups backup power, RV&Motor Home, Electric Boat/ship, outdoor activities, electric car, Flashlight LED emergency light, engine start battery, Power Tool Electric Drill Scooter.

1pcs above for standard item
Customized sizes, specs, designs, components, 5000-10000pcs
Delivery Time:
For samples, we can ship within 2-3 days;
For small batch, 5-7 days;
For mass batch, 10-15 days.
Quality Assurance:
For standard product, we offer 1 year quality guarantee;
For customized product, we offer 2 year quality guarantee;
After-sale Service:
Our team will handle every issue you may have after you receive the items.

Why Choose Us
15years rich experience, leading professional manufacturer specialized in designing and producing battery protection boards to guarantee the safety of any kind batteries.

1. High Quality and Automatic SMT assembly
more than 200 advanced SMT assembly machines to complete your order.
2. Strict Functional Testing and Strong Custom Capability
Each item will be inspected with strict functional test before packed.
3. How we guarantee high quality products throughout manufacturing process?
Our professional QC staff will inspect every process by detail to ensure we have the highest standard of materials and finished products.

  • We take responsible for every item we produce.
  • We only use branded components from TOP 3 suppliers.
  • Materials Inspection(package inspection and quantity inspection)
  • AOI Inspection(Automatic Visual Inspection)
  • IPQC Inspection(Input Process Quality Control)
  • Visual Inspection( to confirm component placement on the PCB)
  • Random Sampling
  • Functional Testing(ICT Testing,FCT Testing,Interface Test)
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