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500W Car Power Inverter Input voltage DC12V 24V

500W Car Power Inverter Input voltage DC12V 24V

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High Efficiency
A scientific setting can prolong the battery working life and improve the conversion efficiency. At high temperatures or with a certain load, the heat dissipation fan at the rear will work to cool the machine down.

Premium Material
With metal-drawn AI-Mg alloy fuselage and multi-core oxygen copper, the power output with a large load is guaranteed.

Intelligent Protection
Having passed lots of tests, such as high and low-temperature cycle, heat, electromagnetic compatibility, full load, etc, our product provides all-around protection, keeping it working safely.

Wide Application
The pure sine wave inverter is perfect for various electronics and appliances, whether for a van, semi-trucks, or any remote location needing power.


  • Rated power: 500W
  • Peak power: 1000w
  • Input voltage: DC12V / 24V (optional)
  • Output voltage: AC110V / 120V / 220V / 230V / 240V (optional)
  • Output frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (optional)
  • USB output: not supported
  • Output waveform: correction of sine wave
  • Cooling mode: Fan
  • Appearance color: silver (other colors available)
  • Size (mm): 193 * 95 * 55
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