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Huarigor Smart Off Grid Solar Inverter Solar power transmission range 60V ~ 130V

Huarigor Smart Off Grid Solar Inverter Solar power transmission range 60V ~ 130V

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Main Functions:
  • Allow max. 3PCS in Parallel with optional kit
  • Easy use with Touch Button on the LCD Display
  • High-efficiency PV Input Voltage Range(60~130VDC )
  • 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Built-in
  • Support External wifi module, APP real-time monitoring
  • Compatible with inverter communication for Growatt, Schneider, Voltronic, SRNE, GoodWe, KSTAR, EAST, etc.
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      Model Name: PV1800

      MD: PV18-5048 VHM

      Operating Temperature Range:10°℃~50℃

      Protection Class: Class 1

      Protection Degree: IP20

      Inverter Mode:

      Rated Power: 5000VA/5000W

      DC Input: 48VDC,118A

      AC Output: 230VAC,50/60Hz,22A,1Φ

      Output Power Factor: 1.0

      AC Charger Mode:

      AC Input: 230VAC,50/60Hz,35A,1Φ

      DC Output: 54VDC,60A(Max)

      Solar Charger Mode:

      Rated Current: 80A

      System Voltage: 48VDC

      MPPT Voltage Range: 60~130VDC

      Max.Solar Voltage(VOC): 145VDC

      Max.Charge Current: 140A

    • Solar Inverter Application for Household Use
    • Huarigor Solar inverters are professionally designed for a wide range of commercial appliances and residential rooftops. Solar inverters play an important role in solar energy systems. Huarigor inverters are the trustworthy manufacturer and supplier for high quality and reliability OEM/ODM service. Solar inverters help” invert” the direct current (DC)output into alternating current (AC), so that AC connects most home and commercial electronics.
    •  Note:

      For operation read the user manual including safety warnings first!

      This unit must be opened by authorized technicians only!

      Keep children away from machines! 

    • Notes:

      1. Resume to factory default setting

      Pressing and holding the "MENU button for 6 seconds, the unit will enter the reset model. Press"UP" or"DOWN button to select

      programs. And then,press"ENTER button to exit.

      II.Power on /off sequence:

      1. Power-on sequence;

      a, Connect all external wirings(battery,AC

      Grid, PVloads) BEFORE turn on inverter. It is suggested that each group of external wirings has a corresponding switch;

      b.Turn on the battery switch(if have)set the Power On /Off switch to the "I" direction,and inverter will turn on make sure the inverter's output is working fine.

      c.Turn on PV switch,make sure PV charging is working fine, and its charging current is displayed on LCD screen;

      d.Turn on AC grid switch, make sure the inverter's AC charging is working fine;

      1. The sequence of steps b and c can be reversed.
      2. Power-off sequence:
      3. Turn off AC Grid.

      b.Turn off PV.

      c.Turn off battery.

      III. Notes for using lithium battery:

      1. When using the LI battery, read LI battery

      specifications carefully. Ensure that the max charging voltage of Li battery.

      specified is lower than the the inverter setting value.

      1. When using the LI battery, it is necessary

      to select Li in setting menu 14. The charging voltage is going to as menu“18” firstly, going to as menu"17"secondly.

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